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Foundry Moulding Process

Metal Power Engineers (MPE) divides Foundry Molding Process in the following different categories:

1)   Green Sand Molding Process
2)   Co2 Process (Silica Gel)
3)   Molasses Sand Process
4)  Resin Bounded Sand Process  
We are also having good skills about molding process for some steel alloys

   Stainless Steel
   Low & High Carbon Steel
   Heat Resistant Steel
   Ware Resistant  Austenitic  Steel high Alloys
   Special Cast Iron
   Corrosion & Chemical Resistant Steel
   Ferretic & Mortenitic Stainless Steel
   Tool & Die Steel
   S.G. Iron

 We use latest equipments in testing of molding and core making. Under this in house operation, we also deal in coring or shell mold process and green sand mold process.
We are also working on investment casting and powder metallurgy.

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